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Is there a page on a government site that you want to simplify or translate or customize it for a region or a group of friends? Is there a page on a learning experiment that you want to narrate it to a specific group of children? Is there a page out there that you want to

Enter the url that you wish to narrate and click narrate.
You are required to have a blogspot blog account to blog your narratives. We plan to add support to customize where you blog. Suggestions and help are welcome.

Choose a target

Who is the target for your narration?

  • A child who knows Kannada but does not know how to read English on this page?
  • A grand parent who can read Kannada or Hindi but cannot read English?
  • Are you planning to summarize for a group of domestic workers?
  • Do you have better pictures for a specific geographic location?
  • Maybe you just want to have fun with friends?

We need you to choose the target options - Language,Location and Style.

Leave your name(as an author) or a tag in addition to the target options.

Re-narrate content

Click on "Edit" and then click on what you want to re-narrate.

If you want to replace an image or give a voice narrative, we ask you for its url. You can upload an image or an audio on your blog or another service such as flickr, youtube, blogger.

Blog it on your blog

When you click save or done. We ask you to login to your blog. All your work here will become a blog post on your blog. This blog post will have some special pointers that help us and other people know of the page you help re-narrate.

Share your narrative

After you are done, you can share your narrative with others by using the link/url that is provided to you. This url will also be available from your blog post.

See other narrations

When a person from your target group visits this page, they will be rendered with your narrative. They will also be able to see other narratives on the page. They can also choose to see a version of narratives that best fit for their own profile. For example, a person who can understand or read Kannada can choose to see Kannada narratives of other content on the same page.